Crealitation:The Art Of Creating Reality

a work in progress by Cassidy A. Maze


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To:  You, who is ready to crealitate peace Now
From:  Me, who is right there with you

Dear You...

Here begins Crealitation, The Method, Myth, Music and Magic of Cassidy A. Maze (Assignments, Stories, Songs and Tools To Help You Create Your Reality).  

What if sustainable happiness is only possible if you crealitate it? Crealitation is a peace portal to another world. This utopian-dystopian fantasy series looks back from the future and shares how human beings evolved to become a peaceful flying people called the Wons.

Do you re*Member? What was your role in the evolution?

Crealitation is an epic tale of human evolution and radical social change. This transmedia work is told through assignments, stories, songs and tools that lead to interactive participation. It is currently being published online, one page at a time, through my free email subscription service, "The Dear You... Daily." To begin reading the work, subscribe to The Daily. You'll receive exclusive content and get the inside skinny on the juicy fat of all things Camp Now, Crealitation, and the evolution at large.

                                                                                      More soon...

Inventor of Crealitation



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