What is Crealitation?

CREALITATION krē/al/i/tā/shun


Crealitation is:

A trans-media fantasy series that looks back from the future and shares how human beings evolved to become a peaceful flying people called the Wons. It is an epic tale of human evolution and radical social change. 

Told through story, song and interactive participation, this work in progress is currently being published one page at a time, through the author's private email subscription service, the "Dear You..." Daily. 

Crealitation is also:


A page a day of the Crealitation manuscript in progress. Subscribe now for free!

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  1. A sacred social network and communal blog.

  2. The Art of Creating Reality.

  3. A form of Art Therapy.

  4. A Mindfulness Practice with an Absurdist Sense of Humor.

  5. A way to create the Legend of Your Own Life.

  6. Remembering the Future.