Cassidy A. Maze, Inventor of Crealitation

Cassidy A. Maze, Inventor of Crealitation


The Artist

Cassidy A. Maze (or "Maze") is the stage name, and pen name, of singer-songwriter, performance artist, writer, and social entrepreneur, Elizabeth Astrid Westergaard (also known as Lizzie West).

Cassidy A. Maze appears as a character within the Crealitation Musical Fantasy Series and in real life. Because of this, the name, "Cassidy A. Maze," may refer to either the fictional character or the person.


In 2013, Westergaard founded Camp Now Productions, a content development company – and investment vehicle – for her new character and work.

Westergaard has a proven track record of creating successful characters, developing valuable content for large audiences, garnering significant popularity, and gaining global press coverage.

Under her past character, Lizzie West, Westergaard's music was featured across platforms including movies, television, national touring acts with major headliners, and digital distribution through a grassroots network. West is best known for her song "Chariots Rise", featured in the 2003 cult film "Secretary." As her past character, Lizzie West, Westergaard distributed her musical works with Warner Bros., Appleseed Records, and through her own publishing company.

Maze loves working with her daughter, Louise Dharma Moon, and her legendary star student, G.E. Fox, and crew, to teach Crealitation: The Art of Creating Reality. She teaches through her private blog, at her destination location “Art Farm” (The Camp Now Family Farm), on her private social media site and at exclusive venues on tour.

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