Cassidy A. Maze, Inventor of Crealitation

Cassidy A. Maze, Inventor of Crealitation


The Artist

Cassidy A. Maze

Writer, Performer, & Social Entreprenuer

Cassidy A. Maze, or “Maze”, is the author of the musical fantasy series Crealitation (kree-al-ih-tay-shun) and she appears as a character within it. Because of this, the name “Cassidy A. Maze” may refer to either the fictional character or the real person. 

Maze’s legal name is Elizabeth Westergaard. The work of Westergaard’s past character Lizzie ( was distributed through Warner Bros. Records, Appleseed Records and her own music publishing company, Music For Mama. Under the name of Lizzie West, Maze’s music was featured in movies, television, and on the radio. As West, Maze toured nationally and was best known for her song, “Chariots Rise” in the 2003 cult film, “Secretary.”

Cassidy A. Maze lives in Upstate, NY, with her husband, two daughters, their dog, horse, two cats, and tribe of bunnies. She is the world’s number one historian on several subjects such as,  “Crealitation,” “What happened To Lizzie West,” and “Why Leonard Cohen Was Right. ”



 1991 – 1997 Hampshire College, Neederlander Theater, NYU Dramatic Writing, HB Studio, orginal musical produced on off-off broadway

 1997 – 2000 Researching “Living Life As Fiction”, writing Holy Road, and becoming Lizzie West, researching and writing the Lizzie West character into being

 2000 – 2004 Lizzie West signed to Warner Bros. records and released two albums

 2004 – 2006 Put out “I Pledge Allegiance To Myself” on Appleseed Records

 From 2005 – 2008, Westergaard built and managed an art house and touring cooperative start up in Columbia Missouri and self released her music through her own music publishing company, Music For Mama

 By 2008, she came off the road to have her daughter.

 2011 The artist went back to work full time and successfully produced a $30,000 Kickstarter for her musical picture book, “Thank You For Giving Us.”

 In 2012, Elizabeth Westergaard began writing her new work - and co-founded her own, boutique, IP development and management company, Camp Now Productions LLC (

 2012-2016 Researching “Crealitation”, writing “The Legend of G.E Fox Begins…”,  and becoming Cassidy A. maze, Westergaard served full time as Creative Director and Creator For CNP.

 2016 - 2017 she publicly became Cassidy A. Maze through her private newsletter. Cassidy then officially put her past life asLizzie West to rest in 2017.  

 In Spring of 2018, Cassidy A. Maze was Artist In Residence at the Red Hook Community Center, in Red Hook NY, where she taught “Songwriting, Performance and the Art of Creating Reality.” 

Fall/Winter 2018, in collaboration with her husband, Matt Bua - intruitive builder, researcher and writer- Cassidy led a group artist in residency from August – December 2018 at the Catskill Community Center. This think tank and social experiment was successful in inspiring the next investments and level of Camp Now to begin.


As she continues to complete the writing, producing, packaging and prototyping of her new, transmedia, work, Crealitation (The Art of Creating Reality), Maze is…

• coaching privately

• working with her husband, and community, to co-found Camp Now Co, an artist and student owned and run distribution network.

• co founding Camp Now Co. the Camp Now Homesteady and Evolution Headquarters, temporary and long term artist residence, retreat and air b and b colony.

• co-directing a year long group artist in residency touring project that spans Hudson, NY to Prattsville, NY.

• publishing her weekly public letter on Imby

• co-hosting a weekly live taping of a webcast/stories and songs/radio show

• serving as author, advice columnist and curator for her private newsletter, “Dear You…”