The Artist

Cassidy A. Maze (or "Maze") is the stage name, and pen name, of singer-songwriter, performance artist, writer, and social justice entrepreneur, Elizabeth Astrid Westergaard.

In 2013, Westergaard founded Camp Now Productions, a content development company – and investment vehicle – for her new character and work.

Westergaard has a proven track record of creating successful characters, developing valuable content for large audiences, garnering significant popularity, and gaining global press coverage.

Under her past character, Lizzie West, Westergaard's music was featured across platforms including movies, television, national touring acts with major headliners, and digital distribution through a grassroots network. West is best known for her song "Chariots Rise", featured in the 2003 cult film "Secretary." As her past character, Lizzie West, Westergaard distributed her musical works with Warner Bros., Appleseed Records, and Westergaard's own music publishing company, Music For Mama. West's works include Holy Road I, West EP, Holy Road II, I Pledge Allegiance To Myself, Tumbleweed Cabaret, and Lizzie and Baba.

Starting Spring 2016, Westergaard began privately sharing the development of her new character, Cassidy A. Maze (aka Maze or Maze and Friends) and her work in progress, Crealitation (The Art of Creating Reality), to a small circle of fans through her private blog/community platform. 

Cassidy A. Maze (aka, Maze) is the world's leading authority on Lizzie West. What happened to Lizzie West? Find out more about the Alt Country artist, progressive libertarian, radical christian/buddhist artist, Cassidy A. Maze,  The Legend of Lizzie WestCrealitation (The Art of Creating Reality) and Creality, The Musical by subscribing to Maze's private blog/newsletter, The Dear You… Letters. 

Cassidy A. Maze, Inventor of Crealitation

Cassidy A. Maze, Inventor of Crealitation

“If you don’t create your reality, your reality will create you,” says Maze, who has developed her new work and life-changing practice of Crealitation (The Art of Creating Reality) across 20 years of experience, research, and refinement.

In addition to producing  prolific content and running her content development company, CNP, Maze hosts a private online community, blogs, and tours, singing solo, as well as performing with her large band.

She teaches the original art form of Crealitation to exclusive students, online, and on tour. 

Maze lives at her start up artist retreat, with daughter, Louise, two dogs, a cat, a ram, a rooster and her horse named Freedom. Together, her family works to live in sustainability with the Earth (#saveourmotherplanet) and to promote themes of practical wisdom, arts, agriculture and activism in the Age of Awakening.