CREALITATION (The Art of Creating Reality): A Musical Fantasy Series In Development


Crealitation (The Art of Creating Reality) is a life practice developed by Cassidy A. Maze.

 The Crealitation Series (in development) comes as a set of nine boxes full of musical, magical, mythical content that help the participant learn the Art of Creating Reality.

The Crealitation Series (in development) comes as a set of nine boxes full of musical, magical, mythical content that help the participant learn the Art of Creating Reality.

It is also being developed as a musical fantasy series. The Crealitation Series looks back from the future and shares how human beings evolved to become a peaceful flying people called the wons. The series includes an album, a musical stage show, and a collection of 9 "Book Boxes" full of musical thumb drives, fantasy graphic novelettes, letters, maps, and tools. The Boxes allow private access to a social media site and a series of private portals that help the reader study the Art of Creating Reality with author and crew. 

This new trasmedia work crosses multiple platforms, including: Creality TV; a one woman show/multimedia musical performance; a series of nine Creality “tool boxes;” Camp Now Art Farm; blog, social media site and trade network; a full cast stage show musical with interactive market, and a feature animated film/TV series. This interactive storytelling project goes back and forth between 2443 and the period of history we are in right now. Do you remember? Here begins the story of the first flying human, from the perspective of the future winged college students who must study what happened to her, and their other ancestors, during the early years of the "Post Industrial Evolution.".

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Creality, The Musical (Album and Stage Show)

Think Rocky Horror Picture Show-meets Godspell - meets Blue Man Group meets Hamilton.

Welcome to Creality.

“Creality, The Musical,” that is. Conceived by singer-songwriter, performance artist, writer, and social justice entrepreneur Cassidy A. Maze, “Creality, The Musical” is an interactive, empowering, album and show informed by her revolutionary practice, Crealitation: The Art of Creating reality

Creality shares one girl’s journey from trauma to enlightenment. Set on planet Bearth in the future year of 2443, “Creality, The Musical” tells the utopian/dystopian tale of G.E. Fox, a mystical girl who uses Crealitation to become the first flying human. 

This startling tale of redemption moves between two parallel realities, Bearth of the future (Creality), and Earth of present day (Reality).

In this story, G.E. Fox’s great-great-great granddaughter, Ellie, and her fellow college classmates of 2443, are winged, living on Bearth and actively researching what happened to G.E. Fox, and all their past ancestors, during the first part of the “Post Industrial Evolution.”

“Creality, The Musical” combines folk, rock, jazz, pop, soul, reggae, and Broadway styles, on a 19-song soundtrack album (musically directed by Will Bryant and partially co-written with Tony Kieraldo). The Album features Maze – and her cast of Hudson Valley musicians. The powerhouse cast includes guitarist Connor Kennedy (Amy Helm, Donald Fagen), reggae giants the Big Takeover, blues vocalist Alexis P. Suter, singer Lady Moon, indie folksters the Wiyos, the up and coming Package, and, it introduces Maze’s own daughter, 7 year-old Louise Dharma Moon.

The first single, “Freedom,” is somewhere between Tracy Chapman, Jackson Browne, and Bon Iver; an uplifting anthem that bobs and brims with reawakened innocence and infectious optimism.

“Maze always has all these inspiring ideas floating around in her head, and it’s amazing to hear them manifested in the songs and story of Creality,” says Big Takeover vocalist NeeNee Rushie, who portrays Dr. Tumbleweed, leader of the “Creality House Band”, Dr. Tumbleweed and the Evolutionaries. “You really get the feeling that it’s not just a musical. It’s a movement, a way of life.”

And “Creality, The Musical” is the perfect portal into that much-needed way of life.  Be part of the movement from the ground up. Follow the story threads on social media, read the public crew blog, and subscribe for Maze’s private newsletter.